I made my own book boyfriend. 🙂 It’s true. While I was writing Demon Slayer, I fell utterly in love with the male “lead”, Dave Anderson. (It’s not a romance, so he’s not the hero, but he’s definitely the love interest.)

Dave isn’t your typical Alpha male. He’s got his own demons and one of them is that he’s spent years denying his growing feelings for the heroine, Tamsen. He couldn’t have done anything about it even if he wanted to–he was her commanding officer in the Army. But in this book, she gets transferred and he’s no longer in her chain of command and all of a sudden he can’t deny his feeling anymore… *sigh*


Demon Slayer is an urban fantasy novel with a small amount of romance in it (and no HEA in this book). This excerpt is from the very beginning of the book.

Demon Slayer

I walked off the military sled that had brought me across the frozen Mississippi, my squad of demons following behind. This was our job, five days a week. Patrol the ruins, make sure the marauding demons couldn’t get across the river to St. Paul. Every feral we found, we’d kill.

Smothered beneath two feet of snow, Minneapolis moldered. It started when the feral demons ransacked the city looking for every last human being who had dared to hide rather than run. The snow couldn’t conceal the gutted Pantages Theater, the ruins of First Ave, the twisted carcass of the 35W Bridge. In the demons’ rampage, they tore electrical cords and gas lines, causing flames to erupt. Without people there to put them out, the fires gutted every part of the city, leaving blackened brick buildings behind. If that weren’t enough, ten years of yearly snow melt rotted what little of the city had escaped the demons and the fires. Underneath the snow, Minneapolis was rubble.

The temp was just over twenty degrees Fahrenheit. I was bundled in my winter cammies and felt almost warm in the sunlight. At this rate, if we battled today, I might get overheated.

I issued a few hand signals and Jasper, my lead demon, picked me up. Riding on his shoulders wasn’t about ease or comfort; if I walked, I slowed down my eight-foot-tall teammates. Not to mention I had a better view when I rode.

As my team stamped through unplowed snow, I watched for movement. A flash of gray skin down an empty street, or motion behind the broken glass of one of the windows. Anything at all that might reveal ferals lurking in the ruins, ready to ambush us.

We patrolled our sector for a good hour without seeing a thing. Then my walkie squawked in the silence. “This is sector three. Engaging large band of demons, at least forty or fifty. Send help ASAP. Sector three, I repeat, send help to sector three. Over.”

I froze for a split second, breath stuck in my diaphragm, while tingly bugs skittered over my skin. Then I yelled the command and my squad raced to help as I held on tight. Sector three was my teammate Ash.

I flicked the switch on my walkie. “This is sector two, on our way. Where are you, sector three? Over.”

“Near Rand Tower. Over.”

Two minutes later my team catapulted around the corner and into the middle of chaos.

Demon Slayer will be released very soon. If you’d like to know when it comes out, keep an eye on my Facebook page or follow me on Amazon.

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