It just gets worse and worse. I had to miss posting a few days, so here’s what’s been happening for the past several days.

Groups Struggle to Tally Myanmar’s Dead
Yangon: Monks Massacred at Monastery

A news clip from September 27:

Burma: UN envoy meets top general as regime blames foreigners for violence from the Daily Mail (includes a picture of a dead monk floating in a river)

A news clip about the protests from Sept. 29:

Protests in Rangoon on September 28, 2007 from Burma News International (follow the links; there are a ton of articles on this site)
Burma News
Report from Burma

A news clip from September 30 about protests around the world:

Burmese Play Tense Waiting Game — the lastest from the BBC
Photos from the Demonstrations in London from With Bowl and Robe

A protest in Los Angeles, burning pictures of Than Shwe and Shwe Mann, the leaders of the Burmese military regime:

Burmese refugees protest at Capitol for change at home, a protest in my hometown, St. Paul, MN