Laurell K. Hamilton is one of my favorite authors. I’m currently reading Seduced by Moonlight and enjoying it a lot. I first discovered her books with A Kiss of Shadows, which led me to try the Anita Blake series. That was 2002, and since then I’ve been trying to string the books out, not read them too fast, save them and savor them, each and every one. So I’m up to Seduced by Moonlight in the Merry Gentry books and Cerulean Sins in the Anita Blake series. Catching up, but as slowly as I can stand it. ;) Every so often, I just break down and have to read one.

And then a few weeks ago I realized something. I could re-read them. I’m not a re-reader, usually don’t re-read anything, even my favorite novels, which is why this obvious answer didn’t occur to me much sooner. (Like 2002.) But now I know! So when I – alas – come to the end of what’s published, I now look forward to starting over again at the beginning. Hallelujah! I never have to run out. )