Just a quick note. My novel Legacy of Blood will be free on Kindle this Thursday and Friday. Enjoy!

Here’s the link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0084XH98G/

And here’s a blurb about the book: Twenty years after a pandemic wiped out a third of the population, data analyst Jackie Fournier searches for the location where the disease first appeared. It seems like a fairly mundane assignment until she’s attacked in a dark parking lot by a man claiming to be a vampire. But how is that possible? Everyone knows vampires don’t exist.

Meanwhile, certain factions in the government find out what Jackie’s been hired to do, and want it stopped. They arrange to shut down the project and send a secret agent/assassin to make sure she stops digging.

Then vampires start dying from a disease that looks eerily like the one from the pandemic. Jackie must stay one step ahead of danger while tracking down not just the source of the pandemic twenty years ago, but the reason the vampires have started dying now. Can she unravel the mysteries before she runs out of time?