These are book-related tweets, many to do with urban fantasy, fantasy, and sf, that I made over a period of time, all brought together (and cleaned up a little).

October 13: RT @timwaggoner: I Write, Therefore I Am: New blog post on developing an identity as a writer:

October 13: Interview with Vickie Motter, literary agent for YA and adult paranormal and urban fantasy novels.

October 13: Article for writers about worldbuilding for urban fantasy by Nancy Holzner.

October 13: Excerpt of new urban fantasy novel Eyes to See by Joseph Massise – looks good!

October 12: 47North, Amazon’s SF/F/H imprint, launched yesterday. First books include sf, urban fantasy, fantasy & horror.

October 12: New sf novels coming out in October:

October 7: List of awesome fantasy novels releasing in October:

October 6: Review of Medicine Road by Charles de Lint, which sounds beautiful. Definitely adding it to my urban fantasy tbr list.

October 6: Dianna Love talks about ghosts & her urban fantasy novel Alterant written w/ Sherrilyn Kenyon & offers a free story:

October 6: Check out these *36* October releases for YA SF/F: