These are book-related tweets, many to do with urban fantasy, fantasy, and sf, that I made over a period of time, all brought together (and cleaned up a little).

January 19: Found this review of Hallowed by Cynthia Hand. Sounds good.

January 19: What’s next with Amanda Hocking?

January 18: Some interesting comments on the paranormal vs. urban fantasy question.

January 17: Here’s a new #urbanfantasy novel that sounds really good — Unclean Spirits.

January 16: I’m looking forward to Lost Girl which airs tonight. I do have one question – is a succubus fae? I didn’t think so.

January 3: I found this interview with urban fantasy author Marjorie M. Liu interesting. Enjoy!

January 3: This new paranormal ya novel sounds like one I’d like to read — Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi. Check out the review.

December 21: Check out this contest to win a Kindle Fire, “basket” of ebooks or $25 gift card from Carina.

December 21: Interesting “Recommended Reading Gift Guide” where authors reveal the books they most recommend. Still in time for Christmas!

December 19: All Things Urban Fantasy looks forward to their top 12 UF & paranormal romance picks for 2012. Looks like an awesome list to me!

December 19: Cool round-up of sf/f faves in 2011 incl books, movies, tv, etc.