These are book-related tweets, many to do with urban fantasy, fantasy, and sf, that I made over a period of time, all brought together (and cleaned up a little).

August 26: Interesting discussion of strong heroines, including urban fantasy heroine Kate Daniels.

August 26: Literary Agent Lucienne Diver on the current sf/f market, including urban fantasy:

August 25: Ilona Andrews is one of my favorite urban fantasy authors. Haven’t read Magic Slays yet but plan to soon.

August 25: Interesting commentary on international sf/f writers and settings. I’d like to read some of those stories.

August 23: Fantasy is doing well across the board, not just urban fantasy.

August 23: I love Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty (the Werewolf) urban fantasy series. Looking forward to the short stories.

August 22: Could be good news — Tor U.K. expanding into urban fantasy?

August 22: Interesting interview with urban fantasy author Richelle Mead:

August 11: NPR’s top 100 SFF books. Surprised by a few. Good to see I’ve read several. Have a few to add to the TBR list.

August 10: An oldie but a goodie. Post on slush piles: