These are book-related tweets, many to do with urban fantasy, fantasy, and sf, that I made over a period of time, all brought together (and cleaned up a little).

September 19: Vampire attack in Florida.

September 19: Like vampires? You might enjoy Vamps at Sea, a cruise to Alaska specifically for vampire fans.

September 19: The Business of Death sounds like an interesting new #urbanfantasy:

September 17: RT @AlexaGrave: Origins of Fantasy – Reading List!

September 17: Interview with Cherie Priest about her September urban fantasy release:

September 17: Jennifer Estep’s awesome novel Spider’s Bite just $1.99 as an ebook thru Monday. I’m a fan!

September 14: Sept urban fantasy releases. Two faves, Jennifer Estep & Nalini Singh, plus some I’ve never read. Maybe new faves?

September 14: Carrie Vaughn talks pseudonyms. What do you think – to use a penname or not to use a penname? That is the question.

September 14: No Hero by Jonathan Wood sounds like a book I might like to read.

September 14: Jennifer Estep on Hard Spell by Justin Gustainis, a book that’s on my Kindle, waiting to be read.