These are book-related tweets, many to do with urban fantasy, fantasy, and sf, that I made over a period of time, all brought together (and cleaned up a little).

September 13: Paranormal anth. incl one of my faves, Jennifer Estep. Proceeds for breast cancer.

September 13: Very cool. Berenstein Bears in Lakota Sioux.

September 13: I’m excited about seeing Contagion. One of my books has a pandemic & it’s a favorite topic for me.

September 13: Top ten scariest monsters and demons from Celtic myth. Very cool.

September 13: Shea Macleod explains why writers will survive the impending Zombie Apocalypse (in 2012): Awesome!

September 8: Some September urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and horror releases:

September 8: Easter Eggs in urban fantasy? Who’d a thunk? Join the Easter Egg Hunt–deadline Halloween. (Go figure.)

September 8: RT @JulieRoweAuthor: @bob_mayer about poor communication: The three-headed Hydra of Publishing that’s consuming itself.

September 7: Ooooo…this book looks good. The urban fantasy anthology:

September 7: Some September paranormal YA releases: